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March 11, 2021 Construction Updates

Brief site update:


  • Buildings 4, 3, & 2 concrete structures are complete including the precast stairs and planks with the exception of cleaning up the concrete surfaces of any rough areas and color inconsistencies from the concrete pour
    • We requested Gates to address these items in particular on cottage 4
  • Building 1 structure is poured and the formwork has partially been removed


  • Grade beams for the ramp are complete and the columns are expected to be poured 3/12/21 or 3/15/21
  • Grade beams for the restaurant are being fabricated and are expected to be poured 3/22/21


Few Notes:

  • The site is progressing well.
  • David Troff has replaced Jay Wolfe as the new PM at Gates. He appears to be communicating with SG Bloch at a higher level.
    • With that said, there is still quite a bit of work that needs to take place to have the containers delivered to the site.
    • Gates is looking at other options to finish the containers for both the Cottages and Restaurant on site in lieu of in the factory to help expedite the schedule
  • We have also reached out to a few manufactures listed below on the restaurant for budget and timing. We can discuss in more detail once they get back to us
    • Global Modular
    • RoxBox
    • Giant
    • Crate Modular
    • Homomobar ( too busy)
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