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Houseboat and Glamping Tent Halloween DIY Costumes Ideas, and We Aren’t Joking

Date: October 21, 2019
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Alright, it is only days away until Halloween – what are you going to do?!

Between the costumes, trick-or-treating, candy, and decorating, it’s enough to turn us into zombies in the Thriller music video!

Here are our last-minute Halloween ideas from Flamingo Adventures to avoid the after-candy crash:

  • Last-Minute Costume Ideas
    • Florida Houseboat Costume
      • Nothing says a Halloween than needing to scramble together a quick costume. Here is something easy to put together:
        1. Take your latest Amazon package box (because we know you have one) and attach two pieces of rope to each end to allow the straps to rest on your shoulders.
        2. Paint the box and straps white to symbolize the cleanliness of the houseboat. (You can even go the extra step and write your favorite Flamingo Adventures houseboat name on the side.)
        3. Finally, put your favorite snacks inside the boat, put on some sunglasses, and enjoy the party! Everyone is going to have such a fun time, especially with your addition of snacks.

Here is an inspiration picture to base your costume on!


      • Florida Glamping Eco-Tent Costume
        • This isn’t just some normal cloth and stake tent, no. We are talking about the Glamping Eco-Tent Royalty that you are! Honestly, this costume is super simple
          1. Use another one of your latest Amazon package boxes and cut out the bottom piece. In that piece, cut a hole that will fit around your waist (leave some room for the candy baby you may get).
          2. Next, take either a cloth or tarp and create a veil that goes from the top of your head and over all sides of the cardboard piece.
          3. Once you found the right space, attach the top part of the tarp/cloth to a headband to secure it and glue the sides to the cardboard rectangle.
          4. Inside, put a small hand-fan, mosquito spray, small travel pillow, and everything else you wish to have for your glamping eco-tent experience (S’mores, anyone?)

Another inspiration picture for your Eco-Tent-based costume!


We guarantee that everyone is going to be asking how you came up with this idea and how they can experience the Flamingo Adventures houseboats and eco-tents themselves!

Just pass them our website, and we’ll do the rest.