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Flamingo Adventures “How-To” Houseboat

Date: September 10, 2019
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You may have seen many photos of our amazing Flamingo Adventures houseboats, but you may not be aware of just how many amenities and greatness are within them. Here are a few short videos explaining what is within each houseboat, perfect for any occasion.

Meet Captain Brett Freeman, manager of Flamingo Adventures! He will be your guide throughout the videos.

Now you are on board. Time to start the best getaway on the water! Take a look at how to manage the navigator at the front of each boat. This shows you what your water levels are like, how to get to your desired destination, and more. Look below!

Key points:

  • Press exit to enter navigation screens.
  • Use the View button to view GSP screens. + and – used for zoom.
  • Shows depth, speed, course, and time of day. To scroll through the chart, use left and right arrows.
  • To return to have the boat on screen, press exit.
  • To choose a wave point, press mark on the map on where you want it to be pinpointed.

You decided on where to go on your journey, and now you want to change it! Here’s how to do that.

Key points: To delete wave point previously created

  • Press the menu button twice (GET TO MAIN MENU)
  • Scroll left/right to get to Nav screen
  • Scroll down to wave points and tracks
    • To edit, choose, or delete a wave point, hit the right arrow on your desired wave point and choose one of those options

Know you made your decision on where you want to go, it is time for some food! Onboard all Flamingo Adventures Houseboats, you find a variety of provided necessities for the kitchen. Check it out!

After eating, we are sure you want to take a nap in one of our comfy beds. See what your living spaces are like throughout the houseboat.

Let’s talk about the bathroom. Onboard, everything is very similar to how it would be in your own home, except for the toilet. Here’s how to work it.

Key Points:

  • Press pedal halfway down to fill the toilet with water
  • Press pedal all the way down to flush
  • Don’t put anything other than toilet paper into the toilet

Throughout your entire Flamingo Adventures Houseboat experience, our number one concern is safety for everyone on board. Here is a video showcasing where you can find all of your safety equipment on board.


1. How to turn on Anchor light? (Required at night.)

2. What is the difference between AC and DC power on my houseboat?

3. How to open the refrigerator?


4. How to replace the propane tank when it is low/empty?


5. How to replace the gas tank when it is low/empty?